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Abortions and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

See Also:

Papa Don't Preach Song

Accident Prone

- Madonna falling off horses, off skis, after cape was pulled on stage, etc

A Certain Sacrifice (Madonna's First Film Role)



Acting: Madonna's (Bad) Acting

Acting: Madonna Quits Acting

Acting: Bad TV [re: Will and Grace]

Acting: Still Blaming Others For Acting Failures (and for other things)

See Also:

Manny Blames COAD Failure on Others

Man-donna Blames American Life CD Failure on Others

Man-donna Turns Down Perfect Movie Role

Acting: Still Making Movies?

- this thread is apparently no longer available (was likely merged with another)


See Also: Malawi | Donations/Charity Work

Adoption: Anti- News Articles / Editorials

Adoption: Madonna as the Maternal Girl: Bad Casting

Adoption / Orphan(s) - Malawi, Russian etc.

Adoption: Celebrities Being Stupid
- celebrities supporting Madonna's adoption

Adoption: "I'm a Crap Mother," says Madonna
- thread may have been merged with "anti adoption articles" thread

Madonna Breaks Car Seat Laws in New York

Adoption: Madonna 101 For Journalists

Man-donna: 'I Hate Shopping'
- but she loves buying babies!

Nanny with David in Public

Adoption: African couple to adopt Rocco
- satire

Adoption: Media: Mistakes, Omissions in Reporting
- including re: adoption

Adoption: Latest Oprah Appearance

Adoption: Free Publicity From Baby David

Adoption: Barfy Butt-kissing Pieces
- includes rebuttals to favorable David Banda adoption- by- Madonna editorials

Adoption: Book-Baby: Adopting a kid = marketing

AFFAIRS, Extra Marital



Rodriguez, Alex


See Also:

C > Cosmetic Procedures

E > Essays

P > Popularity [M - Z Index]

Age: Madonna: Old

» Age: Old Lady / Scary Grandpa Hands

Age: She Looks Great Articles

» Age: The Old "Ageism" Defense - Same Old Garbage

Age: Senior Citizen Sexiness

Age: Put It Away, Granny Madonna

Age: Madonna is frumpy says news reports

Age: One Of Manny's Tricks Revealed
- (in addition to Botox, etc.)

Age: Sick Star's Fading Away
(-News of the World; M's an 'old woman,' looks fragile)

Age: Webber: Madonna is too old to be Evita - DUH!

Age: Madonna: Too Old, Too White, Too English

Age: We always thought Madonna is old

Age: The Power of 50 (editorial)

Age: Madonna sups deep at the fountain of youth

Age: Madonna isn't worried about younger stars taking her place

Airport(s), Madonna and

Aisha's Lawsuit Against Madonna



R > Records [M - Z Index]

Americans: Madonna No Longer Popular in the USA

Animals, Madonna And

Anti Christ

Anti Madonna Material By Other People


Anti Madonna Site Updates, Information (Madonna Blows Chunks Site)

Visit the "Corkboard" forum!

What Happened to the Essays on the Site?

What About Madonna Do You Dislike The Most?

How To Join that Anti Madonna Photo Gallery (the Vogue Gallery)

Anti Madonna Association Site

Web of Deception

Anti-Madonna Fashion & Goodies

Madonna Revelations Blog


Art, Good

Art: Bad Madonna Fan Art, Thread 1

(thread no longer exists or was merged)

Art: Bad Madonna Fan Art, Thread 2

Art: Madonna Fan Art Lack Of
- (Thanks to New Album Hype)

Art: Andy Warhol's Madonna Sketch

Art: Art sale opens old wounds for Madonna
( - art by Howson)

Art: 'Regression' by Stephen Klein
(- Man-donna photo spread)

Art: Bank in Arizona hangs paintings of Madonna
(- unprofessional)

Art: Candice Breitz's 'Queen' - art show
( - about Man-donna, featuring fans)

Arthur and the Minimoys

Avatars/Emoticons for Discussion Board


Awards: Madonna Named Worst Whatever..
- and other negative awards, polls, etc

Awards: Brit Awards Show

2015 Brit Awards Show

See Also:

New Award Categories for Madonna (Satire)

Awards: Brit 2006 - Interview

Awards: European MTV 2005

Awards: EMA 2005 - Mandonna in Portugal

Awards, Grammys

Awards, TRL Feb 2006

No MTV VMA Awards for Manny! - Manny Fans Ticked Off

Awful, Madonna Was


Bad Fashion

See Also:

Wardrobe Warehouse

Spanx under the leotard

What's Wrong with this Outfit, Mom?

Brings Back Disco Look to France?

Trucker Hats / Caps

ANTI-Madonna Fashion & Goodies

Banda, David - see this page, A > Adoption

Banned in Some Nations [Madonna Is]

Barfy Butt-kissing Pieces

See Also:
Madonna Underrated

Celebrities Being Stupid

25 Years After Her Debut Madonna Still Leads Way- response to Daryl D's editorial

Demon's Funny Madonna Defense, - it's also rather Lame

Beaten in Polls / Charts
- (Re: Acting / Fashion / Icon Status, etc.)

Beaten In - Music Related Areas (Chart Numbers, Sales, etc.)

See Also:

Move over Madonna, Mozart's No. 1

No MTV VMA Awards for Manny! - Manny Fans Ticked Off

Beaten Up - Madonna in Physical Altercations

Better Than Madonna

Birthday, Madonna's

[Bizarre] Just. . . Bizarro


Madonna usually blames other people for her mistakes and failures, whether in acting, tours, movies bombing at the box office, whatever

Blogs About Madonna
(- including Perez

Body Odor

See: U > Ugly [M - Z Index]


Books: About Madonna

Books: Book Related
(Books about Madonna; Madonna commenting on books by others, etc)

Books: Read About Madonna for Free
- Google Books

Books: Madonna trying to brainwash our kids?

Books: Kids Get Free Copies of English Roses Book

Books: Books Purportedly By Madonna

Books: Former Manny Nanny to Write Tell-All

Books: Hag goes to Home Shopping Network w. dud book

Books: Madonna's Ghostwriter?

Bootlegged Madonna Stuff

Bores Other Celebrities


see also:

Behold the Immaterial Girl


Business Woman, Savvy [Allegedly]

See also:

Madonna's Versace Campaign 'Failure'

Failure to Make it in Musical Charts / Polls

Miles Away Single is a Flop Around the World



Car Attacked

Cartoons About Madonna

Cartoons, Make Your Own

Celebrities Being Stupid


Charity work / donations - See: D > Donations

Cheesey Madonna Products

Child Cruelty

Childhood, Madonna's


See Also:

Grade School Chooses Madonna Songs Over Christmas Carols

'Classic': Fans Use of the Word

Cliche' alert! Cliche' alert!

See Also:

Love Her or Hate Her...


Savvy Business Woman

Clothing [that Madonna wears] - See: Bad Fashions

Coachella Festival


See Also:

B > Books

C > Cheesey Madonna Products

F > Fans

U > Underwear [M - Z Index]

Collectibles: Madonna Collectibles
(Brik-A-Brak, Misc.)

Collectibles: Cheesey Madonna Products

Collectibles: Dolls

Collectibles: E-bay and Madonna

Collectibles: Nobody Bidded on Madonna Item at Auction

Collectibles: Anti-Madonna Fashion & Goodies

Concerts: See T > Tours in the Subjects M- Z Thread

Confessions on a Dance Floor


T > Tours [M - Z Index]

P > Photos [M - Z Index]

R > Reviews, Records [M - Z Index]

S > Songwriting [M - Z Index]

Control, Not In

Controversy and Madonna

Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures

Corporate Whore / Sell Out / Shilling For...

See Also:

Madonna's H&M Pedophile Ad

Manny Fans & the H&M Flop

Banks attacks celebrity 'designers', including Madonna


Croke Park 2006


Dancing, Madonna's



People Who Madonna Has Been Linked to Romantically

Dead Mother Whining / Obsession

Desperate to Remain Raunchy

See Also:

Madonna's Lame Stage Pash (article)

Put It Away, Granny Madonna

Like A Loser

(too much marketing; buying air time for t.v. commercials, etc.)

See Also:

Desperate to Downsize Shows

Madonna Hits the Clubs
(- uses secret focus groups to test songs)

COAD Publicity Hype

Has-Been, No Longer Popular / Relevant

No Longer Popular in the USA

Washed Up

Pandering to Perez Hilton

Fading and Desperate

Desperately Seeking Susan Play

Diet / Eating Habits / Food

Difference In Audience Reactions
- Live Aid in '85

Directing: So Now She Wants To Direct?

See Also:
Still Making Movies?

Film crew in mutiny over diva Madonna

Disappering Act
- Anti Madonna material that sometimes vanishes from the web


Documentary, Malawi

Documentary, I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

Documentary, Israeli-Arab Conflict Crock-u-mentary

Documentary, 'Secret,' With Photos

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolls, Wax Figures, Sculptures of Madonna

"Doll In The Box" (by Cristina) record review

Donation(s) to Charity / Charity Work

Doubles, Impersonators, or Look-Alikes


Drugs and Madonna


Duet Rumors: real or rumored



Mythology / Liar

Pseudo Science


Early Madonna

See Also:

Young and Foolish Madonna, "Skeletons in the Closet" (not work safe)

Childhood, Madonna's

E-bay and Madonna

Ego - It's All About Me!

See Also:

Madonna Letter on E-bay

Madonna Still Thinks She's God, Fan Admits It

Is anyone more irritating & self-satisfied than Madonna?

Madonna Was Awful [i.e., Rude]

Why Is Madonna Being Such an Assh*le Lately

Madonna Slams Present Day Pop Stars

Madonna Rudely Stands Up Appointment

Live 8: Throws Temper Tantrum over Lighting at Live 8 Show

Live 8: Shuns Live 8 Water

Empathy (has none)



B > Books: Nanny to Write Tell-All Book

S > Staff / Employees Who Have Worked For Manny [M - Z Index]

'Evolved' / 'Evolving'
( - Madonna's and Media's Use of the Word)

Elegant [Madonna is allegedly]

See also:

Complaints Pour In About Madonna's Cussing At Live 8

Environmentalism / Live Earth



The Asinine and the Sublime

Iconbusting: Madonna and Guy Ritchie
- web page by a British guy who hates Madonna and GR

Madonna's Identity Crisis By Adam Helliker

Is anyone more irritating & self-satisfied than Madonna?

The Material Girl's Latest Identity Crisis, by Zoe Gemelli

Material Girls

Unlike A Virgin: Luc Sante on Madonna, Inc

M: Too old, too white and too English - from The Telegraph

Madonna's Live Nation Deal About Money Not Music

25 Years After Her Debut Madonna Still Leads Way- response to Daryl D's editorial

Madonna Mia! (editorial) - -M's 'egomaniacal affront' to real Jews

A Song By Madonna Won't Save The World

Article: 'Piaf - worked without a net'

Who's Bigger: Madonna, Jesus, or the Beatles?

Not Mad For Madonna

Too Much Madge Already

Behold the Immaterial Girl

Leave Madonna Alone!

Madonna: Not So Crazy For You

E.T., Madonna =

Exercise / Health


Family Guy TV Show

Family Members, Ciccone

See Also:
Madonna's Father Has Cancer

Family Members, Ritchie

Fake News / Publicity Releases

Insipid PR Releases / Tabloid Fodder


» View Fan Index

Madonna and Her Fans

Revisionist History of Madonna

Madonna Stole Fan Artwork

I used to like Madonna until...

Sounds Like Madonna Fans

Madonna Lets Down Fan (unforunately, not for the right reason)

Grandmother Gives Money For Madonna Concert : 'Just Shut Up About that Whore!'

Fans use of the word 'Classic'

Fashion. See B > Bad Fashion

Feminism and Madonna

See Also:

Results of Manny's 'Feminism'- and AKA sexual liberation / freedom

Final sacrilege of our lady of the conical bra

Fiction: Madonna Fiction by Madonna Haters

Fiction: Madonna Fiction by Madonna FANS

Filth and Wisdom

Food Oddities

Fun With Photoshop

See Also:

Fake Album Art Thread

Funeral, Madonna's


Good News From Real Life

Grandiose Manny-speak

Greatest Hits Album(s)

See R > Records on the M - Z Index page

Guitar Playing: Real or Fake?

Gym Related




Hard Candy


R > Records [M - Z Index]

Has-Been, No Longer Popular / Relevant

See Also:

No Longer Popular in the USA

Washed Up

Report From Europe/MidEast - Madonna not popular

So Over Madonna (article)

Hats / Caps

See: Bad Fashions

Health / Exercise

Hernia Surgery

Holy Moly


Homosexuals, Exploiting

Madonna's "Forbidden Love" (1994) -An ode to sodomy?

Madonna's Lame Stage Pash (article)

Madonna Invests Millions into RUSSIA; supposed to be a defender of GLBT rights

Horse Fall / Accident 2005

(this thread heading has been renamed to "Accident Prone")

See Also:

Horse Fall - Jokes, Satires, Funny Photos

HUMOR (funny or fun threads on the discussion board):

Spoofs / Satire / Parody

Photos: Fun With Photoshop

- people photoshopping Madonna photos for laughs

12 movie villains Madonna looks like

Madonna Looks Like...

How To Join that Anti Madonna Photo Gallery (the Vogue Gallery)

Fake Album Art Thread

Art: Bad Madonna Fan Art, Thread 1

Art: Bad Madonna Fan Art, Thread 2

I Would Like to Dedicate This Song to Madonna

Maybe We've Been Wrong About Madonna

Madonna Porn Video Surfaces (Satire)

Horse Fall - Jokes, Satires, Funny Photos

Madonna Fiction by Non-Fans

Cartoons About Madonna

Cartoons, Make Your Own


See: U > Ugly [M - Z Index]


Hypocrisy: So Which Is It?

Examples of Madonna's Hypocrisy

See Also:
Madonna and Animals

Madonna at Live Earth

Hypocrisy: Madonna Repeats Herself But Denies It

Hypocrisy: Not a Material Girl, eh?

Madonna's Live Nation Deal About Money Not Music

Hypocrisy: Papa Don't Preach Song

Hypocrisy: Money Can't Buy Love

Hypocrisy: Slams Present Day Pop Stars

Hypocrisy: Another prime example of hypocrisy
( - if this story is true...)


I Would Like to Dedicate This Song to Madonna

ICON (fan magazine)

Ideas for Madonna's Next 'Reinvention'

Immersion Workshop

If Madonna Says It, Why It Must Be True!

Ignorance Vs. Knowledge About Madonna

I'm Going to Tell You A Secret Documentary


D > Documentary

Imaginary Friends

Impersonators, Doubles, LookAlikes

Insipid PR Releases / Tabloid Fodder



Mythology / Liar

Internet, Madonna and

See also:


Revisionist History of Madonna

My Space Page, Madonna's

Interpreting a smelly old Whore

Interviews with Madonna

Interview: Sirius Radio

Interview: Brit 2006

I.Q., 140


Mythology / Liar

IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

Irony, The



Japan and Madonna

Jeopardy TV Show


Kaballah - See Index Subjects > M - Z > RELIGION



Note: Madonna has been sued more times than what is presented below, but the other cases were listed at the old discussion board

»Lawsuits: Legal Problems:
- Re: Traffic / Parking Fines / Unpaid bills and wages, etc.
Please do not use this thread for PLAGIARISM cases

»Lawsuits: Sued Over Allegedly Stealing Ideas From Other People or Companies

Lawsuits: Bert Stern Considered Lawsuit

Lawsuits: Aisha's Lawsuit
- Suit by Aisha Re:
- Madonna's song = American Life

Lawsuits: Madonna Accused of Stealing Sample
-Suit by Dominic King - Re:
King's song = Music Sounds Better With You
Madonna's song = Get Together

Lawsuits: New plagiarism case!!!
- Possible Suit by Patrick Alavi Re:-
- Re: Alavi's song = The End
- Madonna's song = Jump

Lawsuits: M Gets Sued Again?
(Early Reports On This...)

Belgian Songwriter Wins Plagiarism Suit Against Madonna
- Suit by Salvatore Acquaviva Re:
- Acquaviva's Song = My Life's Getting Nowhere
- Madonna's Song = Frozen

Lawsuits: Madonna Sued for Ripping Off part of Vogue Song

Lawsuit: Plagiarism Suit Re Give Me All Your Luvin; -being sued by Joao Brasil

2004 Tour Stagehand Sues Madonna
- Suit by Max Garcia, stagehand for 2004 Reinvention Tour Re:
- injury sustained from improperly stored tour equipment

A Lawsuit For Madonna

Madonna's Borderline MP3 Tactics [Fraudulent MP3s]

Lawsuits: over 'Material Girl' film

Lawsuits: Nelson Mandela Foundation May Sue M over Use of NM Photo

Using Lawyers to Try and Halt Publication of Love Letters

Lawsuits: Madonna to Be Sued by French Political Group Over Nazi Imagery

Lawsuits: Madonna Sued by Marlon Brando Estate

Lawsuits: Madonna firm sued by ex-employee

Lawsuits: Russian Group to Sue Madonna

Lawsuits: Le Pen's Front National to sue M over swastika video

Lawsuits: Artist Sues Madonna Over Perfume Logo

Madonna Stole Fan Artwork

Lawsuits: Joe Francis to Sue Madonna

Leaks - album leaks

Liar / Mytholoy, Bogus - Also: Low I.Q., Stupidity

See also:

If She Is So Rich, Then Why....

Manny earns 900 million overnight!, hey IRS!

Papa Don't Preach Song

Like Madonna's Music, but Hate Madonna

Live Earth / Environmentalism

See Also:

A Song By Madonna Won't Save The World

Live 8: Throws Temper Tantrum over Lighting at Live 8 Show

Live 8: Viewer Complaints About Madonna's Vulgar Language

Live 8 Review

Live 8: Shuns Live 8 Water

Live 8: Mandonna "hectoring" "fans" at Live 8

Live Nation (Madonna's Record Label)

See Also:

Live Nation - accurate ticket sales figures?

Madonna's Live Nation Deal About Money Not Music

Heckler Spray on Manny's Live Nation Deal

Looking For

Looks Like . . .
(what celebrity does she remind you of?)

Look-Alikes /Doubles / Impersonators

Love Her or Hate Her...

Lyrics by Madonna

See Also:

S > Songwriting [M - Z Index]

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