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Madonna Acts Like Spoiled Rotten Bitch on French Show's Set

[Source: Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 65, 66]


[This took place in 1984] Asked to perform a song on a French version of "Saturday Night Live," a show called "Sex Machine," Madonna arrived at the beachfront location of the taping and immediately griped, "I don't want to dance in the mud."

"But it's not mud," the show's producer replied. "It's wet sand."

"I say it's mud!" she shot back.

Then one of the letters from her Boy Toy belt fell into the sand.

"She exploded," recalled the producer. "She made the Warner public relations woman, the driver, and two dancers look for the missing letter. 'Find the letter,' she screamed, 'or I'm not doing this f*cking thing.'"

"She had people on their knees," the producer said later. "We were scrambling in the sand looking for the missing letter for half and hour."

His summation of her behavior is blunt: "Madonna was vile! She behaved very badly. I suppose if she did that kind of thing now, people would find her brilliant. At the time, everybody said, 'Why are we putting up with this?' She was nobody then."

Madonna Aborts John Benitez's baby

[Source: Morton, Andrew. Madonna. St. Martin's Press. New York: 2001. Pages 127, 128]


[While filming the Material Girl video in 1985] ... matters were thrown
into crisis when, while in California, Madonna discovered that she was pregnant by [John "Jellybean"] Benitez.

For a woman determined to be in control of her life, her pregnancy came as a termendous shock. After discussing matters with her lover, Madonna, upset and apprehensive, decided that it would be best if the pregnancy were terminated.

Her manager, Freddy DeMann, was on hand to make the necessary arrangements. As Melinda Cooper, DeMann's assistant, told Christopher Andersen, 'She came to Freddy and me and she was very upset - just this scared young girl who didn't want her family to know.

Madonna loved Jellybean very much, but she wanted a career and so did he. So we arranged for Madonna to have the abortion, drove her to the doctor's office, everything. She seemed so innocent at the time.'

It has been said that during her affair with Benitez she had three abortions, her friend Erika Belle cited as the sole source. Belle herself says that, while they discussed contraception, periods and other intimate matters, abortion was never on the agenda.

'For all her self-protection, she is human, she loves children, has hormones and is a prisoner of her biology,' she says. 'Abortion, however, is not something we ever talked about.'

Years later, however, when Madonna and her lover of the time, Jim Albright, were discussing plans to have children together, she told him about the abortions she had had in her life, including the termination of her pregnancy by Jellybean Benitez when she was in California.

'It was a very traumatic time for her,' Albright says, reflecting that her ferocious longing for fame was balanced by her maternal feelings and her sense of guilt, partly as a result of her Catholic upbringing. (127, 128)

Madonna Slams Fat and Ugly Fans

[Source: Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 63]

Madonna with fat fans, circa 2001

[Introduction for ] Ch. 5. PriMadonna. The Backstage Ride!

... Listen in Horror as the Ultimate Bitch on Wheels [Madonna] terrorizes admiring fans to their faces and complains about them behind their backs, "like really overweight girls or guys with lots of acne that follow me around and pester me. It's frightening beause not only are they bothering me, but they're horrible to look at, too."

Madonna sues Penthouse and Playboy magazines to prevent them from publishing nude photos of her

[Source: Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 20, 21]

July 7 - 11, 1985

The Navel Battle. In this historic week, Madonna bares all to the American public in not one but two pornographic magazines, and makes her grandmother cry.

On July 7, Penthouse magazine declares that it will publish sixteen pages of photos of Madonna nude, taken in 1979 - 80 during her career as an artist's model.

The battle of the girlie magazines begins the following day, as Playboy announces it will bumrush Penthouse to the newsstands by publishing their own collection of snapshots of naked Madonna first.

Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione is stunned to see Madonna nudes suddenly surfacing like German U-boats.

"They came from many different sources," he said. "Photography teachers, their students, amateurs, professionals."

Still reeling from the Playboy bombshell, Guccione concedes that his Madonna pics were, well, less than buff: "She wasn't well groomed, there was lots of hair on her arms and hair sticking out of her armpits."

Guccione offers Madonna $1 million to pose with the photographer of her choice in a vain effort to get a set of Madonna nudes that would be up to the porno mag's usual standards. Madonna declines.

When Guccione realizes that the Madonna Navel War is not a contest of quality but of speed, he dashes to the kiosks with his September issue on July 11, only to discover that Playboy has arrived first, just hours before.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the Pop Pin-Up was not amused. Having signed releases for her standard $25 modeling fees, she had relinquished control to the photographers.

Helpless to prevent the publication of the nudes, or to make more money from them, she resorted to her all-purpose battle cry. "I'm not ashamed of anything!" she said through spokesperson Liz Rosenberg, neglecting to mention her failed efforts to sue the two magazines in an attempt to keep the nudes out of circulation.

Some Madonna intimates did not recover so quickly. Back in Bay City, Michigan, Elsie Fortin found out about her granddaughter's skin mag debut when she was watching "Donahue."

"I was shocked," Grandma Fortin said later. "I was all alone and I started to cry."

Madonna's Former Husband Sean Penn's Bodyguards Attacks 61 Year Old Photographer and Madonna Insults Fans

[Source: Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 24]

circa 1986

Sean's bodyguards "punch out" 61 year old Leonel Borralho, owner of two newspapers in Macao when he tries to photograph the twosome in the Oriental Hotel.

Penn's bodyguards refuse to let Borralho leave until he turns over the film, which he does in the exchange for the promise of an exclusive interview.

When the Penns fail to honor the promise, Borralho files assualt charges and sues for damages of $1 million.

Madonna responds by calling Borralho "a jerk" and lashes out at her fans as people who "lead such boring lives" that fantasizing about stars is their only escape.

Madonna Insults the English and Disses The Beatles

[Source: Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 24]

circa 1986 or 1987

Madonna consents to a press conference in London [for the movie Shanghai Surprise].

Asked if she is a Beatles fan, Madonna, who is seated next to [Beatle band member] George Harrison, the film's producer, cracks: "I was too young for Beatlemania."

When a reporter inquires what she thinks of England, the ambassador of American good will replies, "It must be lovely, somewhere."

Asked how she feels about the run-ins and run-overs with English journalists and commoners, she says with a shrug: "I have nothing to apologize for."

Madonna Snubs Two Young Fans Who Waited to See Her All Day

[Source: Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page before table of contents]

Specific year of this incident: unknown

.... [T]wo little girls, about four and six years old .... sat for hours one day, waiting in the lobby of the Westbury Hotel for their idol, Madonna.

According to Madonna's personal assistant, Melinda Cooper, "We'd see them as we passed. Finally I said, 'They've been waiting here all day, Madonna. Why don't you sign an autograph for them?'"

Madonna walked up to the little girls and said, "If I do it for you, then I'll have to do it for everybody. You're nothing. You don't mean anything to me."

Then she turned and left.

Madonna gets into fight with fan asking for autographs

Okay, let me see if I understand this correctly. Madonna wants fame very badly; she is probably the single most fame - hungry celebrity to ever exist.

When she finally gets fame, she treats the fans and the photographers like garbage. You asked for this attention, Madonna, it comes with the territory of being a celebrity.

You might want to show more gratitude to the fans, since they - not you - are the ones who made your success possible.

According to one Madonna fan site, these were taken in 1988; Madonna is wearing a black leather jacket in these photos:

What appears to be Madonna attacking a fan; click images to view larger versions