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Madonna: Publicity Whore

from Film Threat magazine

Film Threat magazine
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Christie's Auction

Marilyn Monroe Beats Madonna: "A gold lurex knit top worn by Madonna, a Monroe admirer, went unsold"

Photo of outfits worn by celebrity look alikes
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Newspaper clipping, late 1980s, possibly early 1990s (see photo of article to the left):

Well-suited for their roles

How much is a star's clothing worth? That depends on whether she's an original or an imitator. Pauline Bailey, left, models a Marilyn Monroe outfit, and Sara Lee sports one of Madonna's at a Christie's auction in London last week. Monroe's 1954 vintage black polka-dot bathing suit with matching wrap sold for $22,176 to collector David Gainsborough Roberts of Jersey, England. A gold lurex knit top worn by Madonna, a Monroe admirer, went unsold.




During the filming of A League Of Their Own in Evansville, Ohio, Madonna caused controversy by degrading the town in an interview with TV Guide magazine. Evansville is now self-styled 'the town that hates Madonna'. She later released a statement from New York, saying she meant no offence to the town...

The title of Madonna's forthcoming pictorial book Madonna's Dreams has been changed. It will now simply be called Sex. The Daily Mail newspaper describes the book as "degenerate pornography".

E! Online: The Mile High Club


... [Regarding trips Madonna took by plane,] or another flight, Madonna had a special couch custom-made for the plane to hold her overexposed body and ego. It cost only $25,000. Not that money really mattered. What mattered on this particular charter were the rules.

Rule Number One: Only three people were allowed in the main cabin with Madonna.

Rule Number Two: Only one flight attendant was allowed up front with her--"males only."

Rule Number Three: She insisted that a curtain be hung behind the cockpit door because she didn't want to see the crew when they came out to use the lav [bathroom].

Rule Number Four: Dancers, staff and band members were sequestered to the back section.

More Madonna magic: During that short span when the Material Girl was dating Warren Beatty, the pair showed up in the MGM Grand Lounge in New York.

Among the celebs present were Veronica Hamel and Elaine Stritch. Madonna took one look, turned to Warren, and said loud enough for all to hear: "Let's not sit with those a**holes." Funny, that's exactly the same word the other passengers used for her.

Diana Benson's Mile High Club has just been published by Dove Books.

Is Madonna a Copy Cat?

(Plagerism and Ray of Light Music Video)


from Rolling Stone magazine


Italian director Stefano Salvati is claiming that Madonna's "Ray of Light" video was stolen from a clip he shot in 1994 for local pop star Biagio Antonacci. Antonacci's lawyer, Gianni Massaro, said Friday that he will ask Madonna's Maverick Records to pull the "Ray of Light" video from distribution and that he will seek damages.

Salvati, who lives part of the year in Los Angeles, claims that his manager had sent copies of his videos to Maverick before "Ray of Light" was shot. A Salvati video for a song titled "Non e Mai Stato Subito" features Antonacci performing at normal speed against a backdrop of fast-moving images of clouds, traffic and food, somewhat like Madonna in the "Ray of Light" clip directed by Joanis Akerlund.

Madonna Allegedly Physically Assaults 10 Year Old Fan Keith Sorrentino


» Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 73:

"Madonna beat me up," reported Keith Sorrentino, a 10-year-old fan from Staten Island, whose parents sued the superstar after she allegedly choked their son. Little Keith and his older sister Darlene were devoted fans. They knew when Madonna got up, where she took morning coffee, where she jogged.

They knew the name of her private secretary, when she left the theater (after performing in Speed-The-Plow) and from which door. What they didn't know was how Madonna felt about their adulation.

"We're her fans," Keith said innocently. "We were following Madonna out of the San Remo [co-op]. I ran in front and took her picture and she said, 'Please, not today, it's my day off.' We kept following her up different blocks . . . and tha'ts when she started cursing me out - she's got some mouth on her - and threw me against the wall. Look. I got bruises," he told New York Post columnist Amy Pagnozzi, exposing a skinny arm.

Keith suffers from "regular nightmares," according to his attorney, who filed a $600,000 damage suit over the encounter.

Madonna denied the assulat and the case was finally settled out of court.

» This Day in Music - from J Walk Blog

Thirteen year old Keith Sorrentino filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Madonna, claming he suffers nightmares and bed-wetting problems after an incident outside Madonna's home when she allegedly flung him to the ground (1990).

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X What A Tramp: Ray Kerrison says vulgar Madonna is the degenerate queen of sleaze

by Kerrison, from the New York Post

May 3, 1991

Photo of 1991 New York Post cover
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Introduction to article reads:

With a new piece of commercial sleaze to peddle - this time a film titled "Truth or Dare" - Madonna has embarked on another of her patened excursions into public vulgarity to hype the box office and amuse the jaded.

She has given a two - part interview appropriately, to a homosexual magazine, in which she boasts of early same sex ....

Madonna Asks New York Society for Ethical Culture to Stop Giving Shelter to Fans and Photographers

July 1992

» Rosenzweig, Ilene. The I Hate Madonna Handbook. 1994. St. Martin's. Page 74:

In July of 1992, Madonna asked the New York Society for Ethical Culture to stop giving shelter to fans and photographers who wait for her outside her Central Park West building. Most of the faithful are groupies who merely want an autograph, but Madonna requested that the philosophical league, which is headquartered across the streeet, kick them off of their steps.

AS one report put it, "Some think it's hypocritical of the almost virgin to be belligerent toward her followers after she's worked so hard to cultivate them. Not always the most gracious of idols,s he's been known to tell the worshipful to 'Get a life!'"

Working Woman Magazine, Hall of Shame

December 1994 issue

The cover reads "1994 Hall of Shame," and "Shame on them!" and features a small photo of Madonna on the lower right.

A page inside (which can be viewed by clicking on the photo below) reads,

Desperately Seeking Publicity

We yawned through her sex book and channel-surfed when she said the F-word 13 times on David Letterman. But when Madonna graced Esquire's cover in a dog collar and chain [view Esquire cover here], she sealed her fate as Most Boring Woman Who Used to Be Interesting.

Working Woman magazine
Page about Madonna in Working Woman magazine
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The Gold Club Scandal: Did Madonna Leave With One of Their Female Strippers to Have Sex With Her?

Madonna denied it was true (I do not believe her for one moment), but interestingly, her publicist said that it was nothing that Madonna would be ashamed of.

After all, there are photos taken of Madonna at one of her birthday parties from the 1990s where she can be seen topless rubbing her breasts into the chest of a topless female stripper.

Anyway, of course Madonna wouldn't feel ashamed for people to know she's a total trollop. She has absolutely no morals, unless we count bad ones.

Whether or not Madonna did have sex with this Gold Club stripper, the very fact that some people do find it plausible that Madonna used or hired a female stripper tells you something about her (lack of) character in and of itself.

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» Court told of Madonna and stripper called Baby

» Excerpt from the Fox news article reads:

According to a witness in the Gold Club trial, Madonna once went to the Atlanta strip club and left with one of the dancers [a female stripper named "Baby"]. This was presented in the trial with incredible melodrama. We were supposed to be shocked by this news bulletin.

This would be the same Madonna who had two children born of out what we used to call wedlock, who published a book called Sex which showed her in every imaginable erotic situation, whose videos stretch the boundaries of good taste, who had a long-term relationship with Miami nightclub moll Ingrid Casares and who starred in a documentary called Truth or Dare in which she demonstrated oral sex techniques on a Perrier bottle.

Her rep, Liz Rosenberg, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that if the Gold Club episode had taken place, "I don't know if it's anything that Madonna would be ashamed of, by the way."