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Focus Radio: Madonna: Icon of Postmodernity, Jock McGregor

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AFA Journal (Condensed Article)

Includes wonderful quotes and observations, such as

The New York Post columnist Ray Kerrison said this about her [Madonna]:
She will do anything, say anything, wear anything, mock anything, degrade anything to draw attention to herself and make a buck. She is the quintessential symbol of the age; self indulgent, sacrilegious, shameless, hollow.

.... In postmodern society any authority, any framework, any dogma, that claims a base in absolutes is automatically subject to ridicule and subversion.

.... She [Madonna] has said:

Sometimes I feel guilty because I like travel through people. ...You take what you can and then move on.

Nietzsche said God is dead, we only have ourselves. The result has been the steady disintegration of Truth, the fragmentation of our Culture into the meaninglessness of postmodernism, and ultimately the loss of our very selves.

But God is not dead. He is alive and he has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Christianity is not a Philosophy, a clever metaphysical framework designed by people to explain the unknown.

Christianity is not even a Religion, an intricate system of rituals developed to give emotional comfort. Christianity is Historical Truth. In the Bible God has spoken an objective Word. In Jesus, God has entered history. A concrete event in Time and Space.

Postmodernism is about Images. Christianity is about Reality...

`Don't Cry For Me . . . I'm a Nazi!" '

How Madonna and Hollywood Whitewashed Eva Peron's Nazi Past

(By Barry Lituchy / 10 March 1997)


March 10, 1997


One of the details about Evita that the advertisements and the film itself don't tell you is that Eva Peron and her husband Juan Peron were personally responsible for helping some of the most evil mass murderers of all time to escape punishment after World War II and live comfortably in Argentina. Among the Nazi murderers that Eva Peron personally helped to flee justice and live happily ever after in her country were none other than Adolf Eichmann, Dr. Josef Mengele and Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelic.

.... The Perons' dictatorship was one of a long line of fascist military regimes in Argentina which committed innumerable atrocities and which laid the foundation for the long night of bloodletting and terror in the 1970's and early 1980's when an entire generation of young Argentinean leftists and labor leaders were butchered by the tens of thousands in a mass murder unparalleled even in South America's bloody recent past. Yes, this is the "heroic" Peron legacy that Hollywood is honoring! This is the role Madonna says "she was born to play!"

.... Movies that turn Nazi-loving-Jew-haters like Eva Peron into heroes must be boycotted.

.... Commercially supporting movies like Evita gives a green light to movie producers to make similar decisions about how racist and fascist historical figures are to be portrayed.... So, when it comes to Evita, tell a friend: "don't cry for Evita, don't pay for it, and just don't go."