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Madonna Ripped Off Debbie Harry, by Michelle Goldberg


While it is true that Madonna stole from Debbie Harry, this article is incorrect in its statement that Madonna did not rip off Marilyn Monroe: see the Madonna Rips Off Marilyn Monroe A Lot More Than Most Realize section of Flea Dip


There's hardly a single major '90s pop music phenomenon that doesn't have its antecedent in the sugary, ironic, thrilling pastiche of Blondie. Madonna's obvious inspiration was Debbie Harry, not Marilyn Monroe ("Everybody admits that but Madonna," says Blondie keyboardist Jimmy Destri). The Spice Girls, too, are Harry's daughters.

An ex-Playboy bunny, Harry perfected the marriage of airbrushed, blow-up doll glamour and tough, me-first attitude that every MTV nymphet strives for -- the insistent, carnally aggressive chorus to "Call Me" prefigured do-me feminism by a decade. Even hip-hop, which everyone from Vibe to Time magazine acknowledges as the music of the '90s, has a few blond roots, for while Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc invented it, Blondie brought it to the masses -- "Rapture" was, after all, the first No. 1 rap song ever.

BBMak say Madonna nicked their video idea

from Ananova.com

BBMak have accused Madonna of nicking their video idea.

The group say the video for What I Feels Like For A Girl is too similar to their clip for Still On Your Side.

The group are complaining about the scenes where Madonna goes on a rampage in a fast car.

In the BBMak video, singer Mark drives a mini straight into fruit and veg stall and later knocks over a cyclist on the road.

In Madonna's video, she is seen careering through a team of ice hockey players.

BBMak's video was shot in London last year and was screened for American audiences in the latter end of 2000.

The trio jokingly told Worldpop that they may contact the director of Madonna's controversial video, Guy Ritchie, to discuss the blatant plagiarism.

"I'll be having words with you Guy when I see you," said Mark.

"Yeah I'm gonna phone Guy up," said Christian. "And I'm gonna say 'Hey listen Guy! I know you're quite hard and that but stop nicking our ideas for videos'."

Madonna at the Trap Range!


Madonna holding firearm
above: Madonna holding firearm; taken in 2001

December 31, 2000

Wonder what her anti- NRA pal Rosie O'Donnel thinks about this story? (For what it's worth, I don't like hunting. Yeah, I eat the occasional hamburger, so maybe I'm a hypocrite here, but I just could never kill a critter.)


In December 2000, on it's home page, NRAWinningTeam.com was pleased to provide a link to a short News of the World piece showing rock star Madonna enjoying herself in a manner that all NRA members could identify with -- at the trap range...

While the article contained no explanation as to why Madonna was learning to shoot trap (and even described her as being at a "rifle range"), we are sure Madonna's experience is of interest to the NRA community...

UPDATE - 11/28/01

NRAWinningTeam.com has heard that Paul McCartney's "significant other" has become quite peeved at Madonna as of late. Why? It seems Madonna has taken quite a fancy to small-game hunting, something the Hollywood anti-hunting, anti-firearm crowd can't understand at all. This would certainly explain why Madonna was receiving shotgun instruction as reported above.


Stella angry over Madonna's fur coat

Madonna wore a coat made out of unborn baby lamb fur