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Madonna's outburst earns TV rebuke, by HILARY DUNCANSON


November 2002

[My comments on this news story]:

Is is just me, or does it strike anyone else that the reason Maddy keeps using the "F" word so often, other than the fact that she is tasteless and vulgar, is to shock people?

Isn't she getting a bit too old to be using the "F" word in this manner? It doesn't make her look cool, if that's her plan. Instead, it comes across like a pathetic publicity attempt to appear young and rebellious. She's 44 years old now, not 15.


A foul-mouthed outburst by Madonna on pre-watershed live TV yesterday earned a rebuke for Channel 4 .

The singer used the word "mother...... [f*cker]" as she announced the winner of the Turner Prize art award in December. . .

Producers had put special precautions in place because of the star's reputation for foul language, and she had been cautioned about how she should behave.

Channel 4 said she appeared to be taking the event very seriously, but despite several requests, would not allow the station to see her speech. . . .

Channel 4 later said that its "trust in Madonna had been abused".

Joni Mitchell Says She's Quitting Music Buiz / Rips on Madonna in Interview


November 21, 2002


As for Madonna, who was once quoted as saying that as a teenager she had adored Mitchell: "She has knocked the importance of talent out of the arena. She's manufactured. She's made a lot of money and become the biggest star in the world by hiring the right people," Mitchell said.

. . . . She [Joni Mitchell] has refused to do anything to make her music more saleable. "What would I do?", she asked in the W magazine interview.

"Show my tits? Grab my crotch? Get hair extensions and a choreographer? It's not my world," she said.

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Madonna's bust-up over 'baby lamb' coat


Decemer 12, 2002


Madonna is in trouble with one of her best mates cos she wore a coat made out of unborn baby lamb fur.

The star's pal, designer Stella McCartney, said she went mad when she saw Madonna wearing the item.

Is it right to wear fur for fashion? Vote here

Animal rights people claim lambskin coats are often made from the fur of unborn lambs.

Caught out

Stella said Madonna insisted she never wears anything that she doesn't eat.

Madonna and Stella McCartney are good friends
"But the other day she was wearing this lamb foetus coat, made from baby lambs that haven't even been born.

"It's like wet curls. So I said, 'I didn't know you ate foetuses,' and she was like, 'Eeew!' I haven't seen her in it since."

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Will Madonna Stop The Act?

By Mary McNamara
Los Angeles Times

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Camille Paglia on Madonna

...the well-respected feminist and overall cultural icon camille paglia was recently asked by the Los Angeles Times for her thoughts on madonna's recent activities. here's how she responded...

"Madonna is a dancer and musician, not an actress. She has no ear whatever for speech -- hence, subtle vocal inflections escape her. This is partly because she has no conversational skill. In every social occasion, she must flirt, dominate or act up like a teenager.

She's too restless to sit and talk...Madonna is in frenetic circus mode, as shown by that awful 'Drowned World' tour, which threw everything at the audience but the kitchen sink. The jerky, manic 'Swept Away' suffers from the same problem -- Madonna and Guy Ritchie seem to confuse art with attention-deficit disorder." --Camille Paglia