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Madonna's Body Odor Problem

from Contact Music

January 2004

Superstar MADONNA has a body odour problem - according to former supermodel JANICE DICKINSON.

The New York beauty, 51, who claims to have bedded JACK NICHOLSON, WARREN BEATTY, SIR MICK JAGGER, BRUCE WILLIS and SYLVESTER STALLONE during the height of her modelling career in the 1980s, alleges the MATERIAL GIRL smelt horrible in her early days.

Dickinson says, "I had to put up with Madonna's body odour when she used to boogie all night at DANCETERIA (New York nightclub) in the early '80s.

"Before she got it together and started removing hair from her pits, she had the most vicious odour coming out from where I don't even want to know where. Believe me, it was no HOLIDAY dancing next to Madonna back then."

Jan 2004


...Madonna and Britney Spears - "kissin' cousins of couture crime" - were tied for second place, ..."

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Simon Cowell (American Idol Judge): 'Madonna Used to Be Good-Looking'

Ap via Yahoo! Launch

January 17, 2004


(AP, 01/17/2004 3:41:00PM)

Not content to crush the spirit of unknowns, "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell is training his sights on one of the biggest stars in the business — Madonna .

Cowell, promoting Monday's start of the third "American Idol" season, recently was drawn into a discussion with the Television Critics Association about the physical attributes of today's stars.

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Lydon [of Sex Pistols] Slams Madonna

from Contact Music

January 18, 2004

(I don't understand why this Lydon fellow is confused or surprised by Madonna's behavior - especially at this late date. It has been obvious for years and years now that Madonna routinely steals material, fashions, looks and so forth from other performers and will turn right around and deny having done so, or of having heard of whomever she's ripping off. )



Punk veteran JOHN LYDON was disgusted when MADONNA claimed to have never heard of the rocker - only days before sporting a SEX PISTOLS belt.

The musician, who fronted the pioneering Pistols in the 1970s, contacted Madonna's husband GUY RITCHIE, hoping the director would make a movie based on his autobiography ROTTEN: NO IRISH, NO BLACKS, NO DOGS.

But he was left stunned when the director announced they weren't aware of who he was.

John says, "I called Madonna's husband to see if he would be interested doing a film of my book because he comes from the same manor as I do, though he is a bit upper-class. He might stand in the same pub as gangsters, but he ain't one.

"A message came back that they had never heard of me.

"The same week there was a picture of Madonna in a newspaper and she had on a Sex Pistol belt. The f***ing cheek of it. I made an inquiry, f***ing answer it. If you think I'm a c***, say so. F***ing minefield, the film world."

Madonna Can't Make 'Swept' Suit Go Away

from Contra Costa Times

January 29, 2004

Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are to be taken to court by an actor who claims the couple stole the idea for their 2002 film Swept Away.

Vincent D'Onofrio [note: this is NOT the same Vincent D'Onofrio who stars in the t.v. show Law And Order: Criminal Intent] says he pitched the idea to the pair in 1997 - but they cut him out of the credits. The couple say he has no proof of a contract.

The legal action was started in October 2002, but a court date has now been set for Los Angeles on 4 May.

Swept Away, a remake of a 1975 Italian comedy, flopped on release in 2002.

'Worst picture'

The movie starred Madonna as a wealthy woman stranded on a desert island with a sailor, and was mauled by critics.

D'Onofrio is seeking $10m (£5.5m). Last year, Madonna and Ritchie asked a judge in Los Angeles to throw out the case after one of D'Onofrio's lawyer failed to turn up for a court date.

Describing himself as a singer, songwriter, director and actor, D'Onofrio is not the actor of the same name who appeared in TV drama Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Swept Away took five Golden Raspberries - the unofficial awards for bad films - in 2003. They included worst picture, worst actress and worst director.

The picture's poor reception in the US meant it did not even get a cinema release in the UK.

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Actress Samantha Morton on Madonna's Unoriginality

from The Mirror

February 2004

"Madonna is good at seeing what's happening and then snatching and stealing it, reinventing herself in that way."

Crow Lashes Out At Madonna

from Net Music Countdown, by By Dean Cameron

February 2004

Crow recently said that she believes that the current trend of scantily clad females topping the charts is the fault of Madonna and not because men enjoy seeing scantily clad women.

The singer says, "There's so much TV and so much exposure that a lot of these young girls can become successful overnight. With Madonna kind of ushering in the whole 'sex is power' thing, I think we got off course a little bit."

"There's so much sex. It's about the look and the image, less about the talent. You have to have a good choreographer, good hair. I just find that females really have to sell a little too much of the image and could maybe get more into content."

Stale Pop Tarts: The Show Is Over

By Nicole Gelinas, from National Review On-Line

February 3, 2004


What is up with the old women?

Madonna bid for the title of Dirty Old Lady of American Pop last year, when the brittle baby boomer engaged in some calculated tongue calisthenics with (first) Britney Spears and (second) Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards. Each young lady is half Madonna's age. Demi Moore provided some competition for the title with her public display of toy-boy actor boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. And now, Janet Jackson.

.... MTV's producers can strip their stars completely naked if they want. But human sexuality is still governed by natural law. Who's going to be brave enough to tell Madonna and Jackson that young men haven't evolved so much since the 1980s that they fantasize about women their mothers' age?

.... Britney is mainstream sexy because she is young. She is cute. She is blonde. She has big blue eyes and a pleasing hip-to-waist ratio. She's accessible, not scary, to teens.

Madonna, Demi, and Janet are all over the hill. Let's be realistic: If all you're selling is sex, you'd better at least understand that your product has a shelf life. When will the producers wake up and tell their aging stable of no-talent stars: You're just too old for the show!

....they do something to themselves that conservative critics can't do. They make themselves look outdated, out-of-touch, and silly.

Madonna in Facelift Riddle

by Alison Boshoff, Daily Mail

February 11, 2004


By now, of course, we should have wearied of Madonna's endless capacity for re-invention. What a clichè the remaking of her image has become as, year after year, she has struggled to keep the public intrigued.

But for all that there was something shockingly different about her appearance at the Grammy awards on Sunday night. This time, it wasn't her usual gimmicky splash of fancy dress (a flashed breast, a pretend punk ensemble). Nor was it as vulgar as the 'lesbian' show which she put on with Britney Spears at the MTV awards last year.

Instead, Madonna appeared to be showing off (whisper it) a new face. Well that, at least, is what music industry gossips have insisted since Christmas, when, it is said, she visited a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and had a 'very subtle and high quality' facelift.

Last year, it emerged that she'd been having non- surgical beauty serums blasted into her skin at a small salon in Hampstead, North London, for £350 a time. She is also a fan of Linda Meredith's Crystal Clear Oxygen Facials and Dr Hauschka creams.

But a surgical facelift? Would Madge have gone that far to keep up with today's divas?

Surely she cannot hope to catch glorious, golden Beyonce, only 22, whose single Crazy In Love outsold Madonna's effort, Hollywood, last year by a ratio of two to one, and who walked away on Sunday with five awards, the acknowledged queen of this year's event.

Certainly, it appeared that Madonna had conceded defeat to the new generation of upstarts when she launched herself as a children's author last summer, all hornrimmed glasses and demure frock.

And with a flop album (American Life), two flop singles (American Life, Hollywood), a flop film (Swept Away) and a particularly embarrassing ad campaign under her belt (Gap), it appeared she was finally ready to leave the stage for a new generation of pop stars.

Madonna Can't Play Guitar (under the "More Madonna News" link)

March 2004

Some more news about Madonna's soon-to-be-announced tour. We hear the superstar has been rehearsing at the Culver City Studios in LA - and it's not going as smoothly as she would have liked.

Apparently, while Madonna was running through Justify My Love and an acoustic version of Crazy For You she kept screwing up her guitar strings [She has no musical talent, so no surprise there] and screaming, "f***!" [again, no surprise].

The tour, which is believed to include all her greatest hits [because her smaller, older, shrinking fan base was hacked off that she didn't include her "oldies" in her last concert tour], is expected to take place at the end of the year.