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Madonna Shuns Live 8 Water

July 3, 2005

Madonna caused an uproar at yesterday's (02JUL05) historic Live 8 gig in London when she refused to endorse the charity show's mineral water - which is marketed to raise much needed cash for poverty-stricken areas of Africa.

The pop queen reportedly astonished organiser SIR BOB GELDOF by snubbing the water - called One - and argued she only drinks water endorsed by Kabbalah, the mystical offshoot of Judaism.

An insider tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper, "All the other performers took the view that if they signed up for the view that if they signed up for Live 8 they would go the whole hog and do all that was asked of them.

"Madonna was adamant however that she would have nothing whatsoever to do with One and certainly wouldn't pose for any pictures drinking it."

Madonna Left Red Faced After Live TV Tantrum - Contact Music

July 4, 2005

Pop superstar MADONNA was left red-faced after a Live 8 interview on Saturday (02JUL05) when she swore about the unflattering lighting without realising her comments were being broadcast live.

The MATERIAL GIRL was quizzed by Britain's Radio 1 DJ JO WHILEY following her performance at the London concert.

But she was horrified to discover the cameras were already rolling when she snapped, "Can't you do anything about the f**king lighting? It's really harsh."

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White Heat As Madonna Plays the Prima Donna

July 4, 2005

By Kiki King and James Tapper

Madonna was so keen for everything to be all white on the night that she insisted on buying the outfits for all 29 people appearing on stage with her.

She wanted her five-piece band, two backing vocalists, two dancers and 20 gospel choir singers to wear the white of Make Poverty History, but did not want them bringing their own clothes.

She spent part of Friday afternoon personally approving every piece of clothing that had been bought on her order.

Then the 46-year-old told them all that they were not allowed to sit in their outfits for half an hour before going on stage because she did not want anyone getting them dirty.

Her attention to detail also threw organisers in a spin when she threatened to pull out of Live 8 on the eve of the concert in a row over rehearsal time and the placement of speakers.

Even though most singers were only allocated 20 minutes for a sound check and a chance to practise their opening song, Madonna insisted on a full rehearsal of her three numbers.

Then, not only did she refuse to let stage crew workers continue with their preparation work while she practised, but she also insisted that they - and Live 8 organisers- should turn off their mobile phones throughout her rehearsal.

'She is a perfectionist and her demands were driving everyone crazy,' a Live 8 insider told The Mail on Sunday.

'She threw a complete fit, though, the moment she saw the ten speakers at the front of the stage. They are there so that singers can hear their own voices during their performance so they know they are on key, but Madonna and her singers all have their voices played straight into their ears through microphones.

'She refused to continue practising until crew members removed the speakers, and when they tried to explain to her it would waste too much time during the concert to be moving major pieces of equipment, she threatened to walk out of the show entirely.

'It was a pretty amazing display of her power. She just wouldn't budge. It was quite clear it was going to be the speakers, or Madonna.'

'People were running around in circles trying to work out what to do, until the stage manager relented and had the ten speakers moved.'

Meanwhile, other singers demonstrated a wholly relaxed attitude. "Mariah Carey didn't even turn up to her sound check," said the source.

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And [Mariah] Carey — unlike Madonna and many other stars — stuck around and participated in the big finale. She gets credit for that in abundance.

» From Madonna fan site "Madonnalicious.com"

So Madonna was using Live 8 to network, to make more money for herself, and she promptly went out and spent $300,00 on a vacation:

Madonna at work and at play

Posted: 06 July 2005 - From the New York Daily News
Meanwhile, it seems Madonna used her downtime at the London Live 8 show to slip in some networking.

She was spending quality time backstage with Paul McCartney, and they had a 15-minute chat about her new CD and him possibly doing something with her for the record,' says a witness.

The Material Mom leaves this week for a 12-day family vacation in Greece and Italy that's costing a reputed $300,000. Says the insider: 'She even had pal Donatella Versace whip her up duds just for the vacation, including some hot bikinis.'

Madonna Uses Filthy Language at Live 8, Televised Live; BBC Receives Complaints

Hundreds Complain About Live 8 Swearing - IOL


July 4, 2005

London - The BBC apologised on Monday for outbursts of swearing by stars including Madonna at the weekend's Live 8 concerts after it received hundreds of complaints from viewers.

A number of artists at London's Hyde Park could be clearly heard to be swearing on the BBC's coverage in the early evening.

During her act, Madonna yelled: "Are you f*****g ready London?" while US rapper Snoop Dogg chanted "M**********r" repeatedly during his 15-minute set.

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Today's Stars Less Sexy - Marilyn Monroe Beats Madonna in Poll

July 4, 2005

Source: ITN

Classic American icons such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are far sexier than today's stars, according to a survey.

The survey, commissioned by Muller, asked 1, 000 Britons which American stars they would most like to spend the night with - and Marilyn Monroe and Elvis came top.

Even the 16-24 age group ranked the screen legends above modern-day Hollywood actors, ranking Marilyn and Elvis as twice as desirable as Robert De Niro and Madonna.

Fifties beauty Marilyn topped of the list of women, followed by Calamity Jane actress Doris Day, leaving modern-day icons like Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Halle Berry in their wake.

.... Top 10 women (voted for by men)

1. Marilyn Monroe

2. Doris Day

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Madonna

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Madonna Can't Stand Mariah Carey - form Softpedia

From Softpedia:

It is reported that pop diva Madonna can't stand Mariah Carey and gave precise instructions to the Live 8 organizers to keep Mariah away from her backstage. Britain's Sun newspaper reports that Madonna wants a changing room near Sir Paul McCartney

A source revealed: "There is no love lost between them”. "Madonna doesn't want to see Mariah - or her massive entourage".

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Art Sale Opens Old Wounds For Madonna

» Art sale opens old wounds for a material girl

.... THE sinewy, contorted image of Madonna, naked and squatting over a grave, caused outrage when it was unveiled, not least to the singer herself.

But if the star believed she and the world had seen the last of Peter Howson's deeply unflattering portraits, she was wrong.

Just three years after Howson's Madonna paintings were exhibited in Ayr - and shortly afterwards snapped up by collectors - two of them are coming up for sale in a very public auction at Sotheby's.

... Madonna was once among the celebrity collectors of Howson's works, but made no secret of her dislike for his paintings of her, and condemned him as a voyeur and self-publicist.

The first painting, an oil, titled Portrait of Madonna 2002, shows the pop star standing against a red background with a transparent top revealing her breasts against a muscular, sinewy torso. It is expected to achieve more than £30,000.

... Last night Howson, who said he produced the paintings from "memory and imagination", admitted his once close friendship with the singer was unlikely to be rekindled because of the sale.

Asked if he thought the upcoming sale will reopen old wounds, Howson replied: "Maybe." He added: "I haven't heard a thing from Madonna since I held the exhibition in Ayr. I don't know whether she is not interested in me any more or she's fallen out with me or whatever.

"There are other people that are interested in my work now so I have forgotten about Madonna. But maybe she will buy one. She bought a picture of a boxer for Sean Penn but she lost that when they were divorced. But since then she has bought a number of my paintings.

Source: William Lyons, Scotland On Sunday

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Madonna Owes Her Success to Stripping, says Beach Boy Brian Wilson

July 12, 2005


Former BEACH BOY BRIAN WILSON believes MADONNA wouldn't have achieved anywhere near the level of success she has if she never took her clothes off.

GOOD VIBRATIONS star Wilson finds it difficult to comprehend the MATERIAL GIRL being a superstar if she had kept her modesty intact.

He says, "Madonna. I'm not sure why (she's been so successful).

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she was always naked."

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Madonna Begs Ricky Gervais For Acting Role - and during Live 8, no less

» From Contact Music:

Madonna's most memorable moment from the Live 8 concert in London was meeting her hero - British comedian Ricky Gervais.

The veteran superstar pleaded with The Office actor to give her a job, however menial, when she met him at Hyde Park, because she is so desperate to spend time with him.

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Madonna's Kabbalah Group Eyed by I.R.S. - MSNBC

July 14, 2005

Will Madonna get caught up in a Kabbalah scandal? The trendy religious group is reportedly being eyed by the IRS, which is said to be looking into its tax-exempt status. A source says one area of interest is the organization’s Spirituality for Kids. “Madonna has raised millions for Spirituality for Kids,” says a source. “The question is whether some of that not-for-profit money has been plowed into for-profit enterprises.”

Madonna in Grandma Panties
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By way of fan site madonnalicious.com:

UK Magazines: OK!
Posted: 16 July 2005

The new issue of UK magazine OK! (19 July issue 478) features a small piece on Madonna's new album, and another tongue-in-cheek piece on Madonna's big knickers....maybe she is a fan of Bridget Jones

Madonna Being Sued by Jim McLay and Barry Kohout

From MTV.com

June 30, 2005

Madonna's got another lawsuit on her hands. This time, she and her Maverick film company are being sued by two men, Jim McLay and Barry Kohout, who claim the Material Girl's company defaulted on a $100,000 loan. The suit was filed in Camden, New Jersey's federal court earlier this week.

Public kept at bay as Madonna learns to ride

From Monster and Critics.com:

July 19, 2005
Madonna banned the public from a London stable – because she didn’t want anyone to see her learning to ride.

The queen of pop had an hour lesson at the Stag Lodge Stables in London’s Richmond Park and reportedly booked out the entire riding school to make sure fans couldn’t see her.

A source revealed: “Madonna didn’t want to be recognised at all, so she booked the place out.

“She was adamant and insisted that she have the arena to herself.”

The former wild star is said to have enjoyed riding so much she loaned two horses from the stables to ride at her country estate.

The source added to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Madonna asked for two horses – Fifi and Phoenix. She also hired equipment. After three days the horses were sent back to the school.

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